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This half term, our school was transformed into Portal Digital, and the children in Chestnut class have been working as ‘developers’ in Digipod 3. During our time working for portal digital, we have been sent lots of QR codes containing tasks for the weeks. This tasks have included; finding out about the artist Picasso, completing some art in the style of his and making a video showing others how to do this, creating multiple vlogs with developers reading installments of a science fiction story, ‘how to’ vlogs on coins and money and some blogs and vlogs about magnets and forces. We have really enjoyed earing Digi-credits and managed to hit our target of 3100!



This half term Chestnut class have been working for Portal Design. We  were asked by the Theatre Royal to research, design and make puppets and put on our own puppet play for them. We had so much fun sewing and decorating our puppets. We learned about play scripts and how they are used in real stage shows. In maths we learned how to multiply and divide using new methods and then applied these skills when solving problems.


This half term Chestnut class have been working for the Time Institute. Our first task was to find out about the Stone Age and put together a display for the Great North Museum. We researched the Stone Age and made clay sculptures in the same style as those we read about. Once we had gathered our research we visited the Great North Museum and the Stone Age exhibit. We also wrote stories and biographies during the half term and learned how to add and subtract using the column method. Our mental skills have improved through arithmetic tests and we have ordered numbers to 1000 and learned about the place value of numbers.

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